Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Post ads in top 3 classifieds sites in India or publish it to many other free classifieds?

How many times you feel that your classifieds listing is buried deep inside thousands of classifieds posted within few hours? It is the primary issue when you go with few top classified websites or say top 5 classified websites. Visibility of your ads may go down sooner than you think. Top classifieds like or have thousands of ads within a span of few hours. This brings new challenges to classified users. You should post ads in multiple classifieds websites if you want to improve visibility of your ads. Classifieds websites like and many others have fewer ads and better visibility of your ads when someone is looking for something. 

Here we have taken example of because we run it and understand response each customer gets from our free classified site. India has many other free classifieds. You should consider posting ads to top 30 free classifieds in India. I mentioned free classifieds because it does not cost you anything to post ads in free classifieds. It does not take much time to post ads in top 30 classifieds when you have already prepared your ad for other classifieds. You can get better result by including some more free classifieds in India. 

Free classifieds viewed more than 1400 times
 Above is an example of free classifieds posted with us. It has reached to good number of customers. You can find this ads in other free classified sites as well but some of the customer may have missed in famous free classifieds in India. Only serious customer not satisfied with top classified sites are common visitor to less famous free classifieds. It is mandatory to post ads in top classifieds like olx or quikr but yu should not miss posting ads in top 20 or 30 free classifieds if you are looking for better result.

Disclaimer: We run free classified Analysis posted in the blog is based on some of the internal data available to us from our website and experience we gained while running the business.