Saturday, 14 February 2015

Top 3 considerations while selecting script for free classified sites

There are many free classified sites you can find on the web and count increase everyday. Some are specific to a category like carwale and some are multiple categories free classified sites like We are trying to concentrate on top 3 considerations for any site in this blog. Our analysis is based on classified sites which is why we call it specific to classified sites. Our next blog will have paid or free classifieds specific top 10 considerations. 

We considered free classifieds for analysis as they come with challenge of having many thousands free listings and users. Performance becomes an unavoidable factor when we have many new pages added everyday by hundreds of users. We often miss it while thinking about starting a free classifieds. Here are top 3 questions you should answer before you buy script for classified sites


This is one of the most important feature of any free classified website. Think about situation when classified site takes few minutes to load because of thousands of listing. This is going to block your progress in gaining market share. It requires lot of technical skills and money to resolve performance issue once you have started using it and have many thousands ads. Emerging classifieds may not be having lot of tech people dedicated to develop website for them, instead they depends on extremal software companies. Strict NO to classified scripts if you find that the performance of classifieds script is an issue.  It can be a blocking issue for your business. You should also consider performance of landing page. This is something which can be resolve by customizing landing page but you need to make sure landing page customization is easy. 

SEO Friendly Website

It is true for any website. Without good SEO you cannot list your website to top of google page. I have kept it second because it is difficult to fix but not as difficult as performance issue. It is time consuming effort to so you must not ignore it otherwise ready to spend lot of time to fix it. You should check if script enable you to automatically have title and other meta tags for each posted classified. It should allow you to have customized meta tags for each category and location. For instance, you can have separate meta tags for real estate in Mumbai and Banguluru (Bangalore) which should look like

{if category= ‘apartment-on-rent’ || city=’Mumbai’} Apartment for rent in Mumbai

{elseif category= ‘apartment-on-rent’ || city=’Banguluru’}   Apartment for rent in Banguluru, Apartment for rent in Bangalore {/if}

 Above meta tag enable you to have customized meta tag for specific category and city


Should Integrate Social Recommendations and Social Media Features

Looks like I am making you fool because you know it is one of the requirement for SEO friendly sites. That is the mistake we do when we think about social media for business. Yes, it is one of the requirements for SEO friendly sites but think social media integration beyond SEO. Majority of visitors for some of the free classified sites are from their social media pages. Now a day social media has become powerful tool to generate business leads. Simple social media integration can improve functionality in your free classified site and also generate valuable business leads. This is one of the feature which will provide  window to many thousand prospective customers so consider this as one of the must have feature.  

Hope this will help you when you take decisions to invest in any classified business or online business. We will come up with top 10 considerations for free classified sites in our next blog.

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