Sunday, 8 March 2015

Top 10 Free Classified sites features

We have already discussed top 3 features in our previous blog. We will continue from where we left and discuss other 7 required features for free classified websites. You can visit our previous blog Top 3 considerations while selecting script for free classified sites to find more information about these features. 

1.    Performance
2.    SEO Friendly Website
3.    Should Integrate Social Recommendations and Social Media Features

Visit previous blog ( ) for more information about all 3 features

4.    Responsive design 

      Don’t buy script if it is not responsive. Now a days more and more user are moving to mobile and tablet and visitor count from these devices are increasing every day. It is need of the hour and in future mobile and tablet unfriendly websites will be replaced with new websites 
    5.    Easy to use 

      Free classified website usability is another feature which is ignored by most of the scripts provider. Usability not only increase sales, but can also impact free classifieds website's performance in search engines. Whenever user visits new site, time given to site is proportionate to site's usability. How many times it happens that you visited a website to post free ads and did not understand steps to achieve your goal but visited this website again in near future to post free classified ads? Majority of the users do not visit it again until it is niche site. Free classified sites falls under a generic category where you need to provide clean and easy to use platform.

    6.    Logical Site Navigation 

      One of the thing I like about Apple products are their intuitive design. You don’t know how to perform action, you guessed and it worked.  This is what logical navigation is, It help user to perform action without much help. Those free classified sites in India or elsewhere are easy to understand and easy to use are a pleasure. You can find your need, and can do what you wanted while visiting websites. Result of it is better sales, subscriptions, user involvement and repeated visits.

7.    Notification 

      Notification for a free classified website is must. Some of the notifications are mandatory and some are optional based on business needs. Notification should be customizable at any point of time. You should be able to enable and disable them. There should be an option for user to unsubscribe notifications for all e-mail sent even for free classified ads posted by user. You do not want mail service providers like google, yahoo to block e-mails from your site for spamming. All your hard work may go in vain if that happens. Many of the script provider do not have unsubscribe feature for notifications so you need to ask them explicitly if this exists.

    8.    Ask seller a question (public and private) 

      Another feature which enable user to ask question and get answer publicly or privately. Private questions are useful while negotiating and public question helps to get more information about the listing. Very useful feature to enable buyer and seller to talk to each other. I have seen many free classifieds sites in India not having this feature.

9.    Removal of ads 

You search in yahoo answer and you will find frustrated users asking how to delete ads from some top free classified ads website list in India. These user are frustrated and may not come back again due to bad experience they had with these free classified websites. This feature must be there and should be easy to access. You will find lot of fake ads on free classified websites so there must be an option to complain about ads. I was reading somewhere that someone got frustrated with a real estate agent and he posted ad for male to male massage service and gave this real estate agent phone number.

    10.   Ads With Media

    User should be able to upload different media like image, video, pdf files etc. It needs integration with Youtube video, site like Instagram and Picasa which user can refer for more images and video.

Hope this will help you when you are thinking of starting a new classified website.

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