Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Tips and tricks to promote free classified sites in India

Promoting online is considered the most practical and widely used marketing strategy in India and all over the world. This is an age of online business. Internet has become an inseparable mode of communication in our daily life. People now-a-days shop, read, talk and do a hell lot of things in internet. Therefore it has become a crucial place for publicizing your product. Moreover, free classified sites offer hassle free and without cost promotion of your product or business sparing you the extra pain and stress. Currently it is the most important tool for online marketing and advertising over the internet. In India, free classified sites can help an individual to sell their products and grow their business free of cost by posting free ads in classifieds.

The process of advertising in free classifieds can be very easy and convenient. It is very profitable and hassle free provided that you know exact tricks and tips for posting ads on these classified sites. Sorting out from several free classified sites is a hefty task though, as very few sites worth attention.
Here are some tips and tricks to promote your business, product and website. The tips include,
·  In-person networking
·  advertising and marketing preparation
·  direct e-mail marketing
·  content advertising
·  advertising and marketing materials
·  partnership building

The benefits you get from posting to the online free classified sites are,
·  It is safe and hassle free
·  You need to post once and get sign ups everyday, which means more profit in less effort.
·  You will get an worldwide exposure without any cost.

However, easier it may sound it includes a lot of hard works initially. But once you are done, if you have followed the proper steps, you are going to enjoy enumerable benefits from these online free classified ads.

The first step is to find a good classified site in a search engine like Google. From the results you can visit the first 12 links and register on those links. Every good classified site should ask you some minimal and compulsory questions to create an account through which you will be able to manage your advertisements in their sites. However, you can also register on those sites that do not require you to create an account in order to post ads.

Your ad should be precise and contended. Put a description of your product using not more than 100 words. Adding valuable benefits to your products for the viewers/customers may gain you the extra attention. Try grabbing keywords for your products, this really works.
In most of the free classified sites the more recent ads are more likely to appear in the top and first pages. This may bury your post deep in the listing pages. Therefore you should always try to update and renew your ads time to time to keep them them on top.

More appealing ads attract more viewers. It is more likely that a viewer would pay more attention to your product if there is a photo has been attached to your product. Therefore try to attach a relevant and appropriate picture of your product to the posted ads.


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